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Well, as you know from my last page, I am a huge Tim McGraw fan! I, myself, have not been able to find a single page that has all, or even some of Tim's lyrics and, as his biggest fan, I began writing out the lyrics to his songs from the beginning. I started by typing out the lyrics to his first album and continued. I did this by listening very carefully to every word on the CD's...I believe they're mostly correct and if they aren't, please excuse it. The lyrics are located at the bottom.

I'd like to take this certain space to say what a huge fan I am! I have all his cassettes except for the 2 recent ones and all his CD's. I started liking Tim McGraw the first time I heard "Don't Take The Girl" in like '94. From then on, I was totally into him! I LOVE his music and I think his pretty cute too! He has inspired me. I went to his concert in Vandalia, MO in July of '95, I believe. I was so lucky that night. Ken Mellons was with him and opened for him. When Ken Mellons was on stage, the guards opened the gates and we got to sit right in front of the stage! That was pretty kewl! When Tim came on, the guards closed the gates up. That sucked. But, I did get right behind the gate! The concert was so cool...I can't even describe it. I know it's the best concert I have ever been to though! I got the best pictures too! Check out the pics I took located at or you can go to my original page @ and going to my links. Take a few minutes to look at them, they're really good pics. I also went to one at Sandstone, MO In August of '96. He was with Faith Hill and they performed "Nobody Knows" was incredible! They were both great!!! If you ever get a chance to go to one of Tim's concerts...GO!!! He really knows how to put on a good show!!! Faith as well! I even have my 3 year old brother listening to Tim. He knows the whole chorus to "I Like It, I Love It"...he has since he was about 2. Whenever one of Tim's songs or video comes on, he knows exactly who it is by the first note...he takes after his sister...*L* When I babysat him one summer, the only way he would go to sleep was if he saw Tim's video "Refried Dreams" at least 5 times! It became very known to everyone in my family and I would be the only one to get him to go to sleep. I thought it was kinda cute. He knows Tim anywhere. Well, I've said my piece...I would give anything just to meet him, but...who knows. =) I LOVE TIM!!! =)


Saturday, May 16, 1998 I went to another concert. It was the George Strait tour with Asleep at the Wheel, Lila McCann, Lee Ann Womack, Faith Hill, John Michael Montgomery, TIM MCGRAW, and George Strait. It lasted from about 1pm to about 10:30pm. I sat on my butt for the whole 8 1/2 hours! It was at Arrowhead (Chiefs) stadium here in Kansas City. $52! It was worth it! Faith did great and then...Tim came on and...WHEW! He looked good! I didn't get any pics cuz I wasn't that close. *frown* But the concert was great. He started off by singing "Indian Outlaw" and continued to "All I Want", "Down On The Farm", "One Of These Days", "Just To See You Smile", and "I Like It, I Love It" (switching "I ain't seen the Braves..." to "I ain't seen the CHIEFS play a game all year..." GO TIM!)...then he left, making the crowd upset and some even angry about Tim and Faith not singing their famous duet "It's Your Love". He came back out and Faith came out as he began singing. The crowd cheered! *smile* Once again, he put on a great show! I left that night with a very sore throat (I'm a screamer...hehehe).

I will first start off by telling you what I know about Tim McGraw...from his hits, to his albums, to his big breaks, and then to the awards he has won. From Tim's first self-titled album, released April 20, 1993, there were two hits; "Welcome To The Club" was the first and then next came "Memory Lane". These were terrific songs, but they weren't the ones that got Tim off to his big success...

Tim's Second Album - The Take-Off Of His Career - & his third album

Tim's big break came when his second album, "Not A Moment Too Soon" was released March 22, 1994. The very heart-felt "Don't Take The Girl" became his first #1 hit on May 28, 1994.From this album, Tim exploded into the music business! He had so many hits from this album including the rowdy "Down On The Farm", the pumped up, crowd-screaming mega-hit "Indian Outlaw", the sweet, sensitive "Not A Moment Too Soon", and the up-beat "Refried Dreams". This album sold over 5 MILLION albums and even out-paced albums from Mariah Carey, Pink Floyd and even edged "The Hits" by Garth Brooks to become the year's top selling country album.

Tim's third album, "All I Want", was released September 18, 1995 and included is the first hit off the album, "I Like It, I love It", his mega-hit "Can't Be Really Gone", the album titled pumped hit, "All I Want", the sweet, "She Never Let's It Go To Her Heart", my favorite, "I Didn't Ask And She Didn't Say", and of course, "Maybe We Should Just Sleep On It Tonight".

Tim's Forth & Fifth Album, Trivia, and His Life Now

Tim's forth album, "Everywhere", was released June 3, 1997. I got it the very first day it was released and I listen to it everyday. It's truely incredible. His albums get better every time. Included on this album is his newest single, the heart-felt, sweet duet with his beautiful, and talented, (whom I'll talk about later) Faith Hill, "It's Your Love". This song has already hit #1! Since the album has just recently come out, "It's Your Love" is the only hit...SO FAR! The album is terrific!! I'll name a few of my favs...though I love them all! The title track, "Everywhere" is probably my fav... it's a beautiful song and I absolutly cannot stop listening to it! "One Of These Days" is a sweet but sad song...I love it (be me, it may make tears come to your eyes). A good up-beat song and a great song to dance to is "Hard On The Ticker". Very kewl song! "Just To See You Smile" is a sweet song and it has a great effect on me, personally. On the CD is a bonus track called "You Turn Me On". This song is awesome! It has kewl "words" and I absolutly love it!!!

Tim's fifth and latest album! It's finally here! "A Place In The Sun", out since May 4, 1999. I'm not gonna say I don't like this album as much as "Everywhere", but of course, I haven't had it long enough to really make a standing decision. I loved "Everywhere" most of all. This one is kinda the honky-tonk type, if you wanna call it that. I have to say, first of all, how much I just LOVE "Carry On", number 11. That's my favorite. It's has an up-beat tempo and a great message on how you really have to look for the best in life and keep going, though the times seem to keep getting rougher. Then, of course, there's his hit song "Please Remember Me"-you have to love that song! And the video, I must say, is my favorite yet...with all his other videos in the background and him by the ocean...can't get much better than that! Another good one is the extremely sweet and deep "Somebody Must Be Prayin' For Me". Very sweet melody and heartfelt words. "My Best Friend" is to be his new single, I'm pretty sure. It's really a beautiful song...I don't think I've really heard anything like it before. "Some Things Never Change" is about how you never get over a true love that's left you. It's extremely gentle, sweet. And the last one I will mention is "You Don't Love Me Anymore". I've listened to this song (besides "Carry On") the most since I've gotten the album. It's probably one of the saddest ones on here. That's all I will say, besides GO GET IT! It's definately worth the buy! (14 tracks all together)


Full Name: Samuel Timothy McGraw Birthday: May 1, 1967 Birth Place: Delhi, Louisiana Height: 6 foot Weight: 165 Hair & eyes: brown Current home: Nashville, Tennessee Marital status: married to country singer, Faith Hill since October, 6, 1996 Children: Gracie Katherine McGraw-born May 5, 1997 Maggie Elizabeth McGraw-born August 12, 1997 Band name: Dancehall Doctor Hobbies: cooking, sports, working on the farm Fav. food: Italian Fav movies: Braveheart, And Justice For All Fav. Actor: Clint Eastwood

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You can't say too much about Tim that hasn't already been said. He's a father, husband, singer, platinum album recorder, name it and he's pretty much been there. And it seems as though his albums just get better and better. HIs latest album has been said to be "the best yet". Go out and buy it now! :)~ Tim has accomplished more than most people in his life and I hope he continues his success and keeps the great albums coming!

Lyrics To All Of Tim's Songs

Tim McGraw
lyrics to his very first album
Not A Moment Too Soon
lyrics to his second smash album
All I Want
lyrics to his third's "all you'll want"
lyrics to my favorite! :)~
A Place In The Sun
Tim's 5th album

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