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Hey there! Oh, come on...don't leave...I haven't said anything yet! *smile* Thank you...make yourself comfy. Kay, so I live in Kansas City, Missouri. I'm 5'1" (I know, I know...I'm a shorty...don't tease me too much), I have dark blue-grey eyes, dark brown hair with hints of red in the sun, I'm a sensitive girl (cried all the way through Armegeddon...the dang movie! but it ruled for real!), oh yeah! I'm also told by a few people that I have a great smile! hehehe *smile* And, I'm a Virgo-birthday is September 15th! :) I'm an astrology freak! So many things are right about this, it's scary! hehehe My favorite thing to do is listen to music! I LOVE music! I like pretty much all kinds of music from country to rock, pop, R&B, some rap, hard rock, alternative...examples would be: Bush-absolutely LOVE Bush-they completely rule above all! Uhh...Jewel (which is my user name in coolchat-link is below), Live, Semisonic, Creed, Puff Daddy, Usher, Marcy Playground, Boyz II Men, No Doubt, She Moves, K-Ci & JoJo, and...TIM MCGRAW! My page dedicated to him is located at the bottom...includes lyrics to all of his albums (no other site has yet to have them), reviews, concert reviews...been to 3 of them and got some tight pics at the first one-front row-check 'em out at the link below (My Concert Pics)...anything else about the site you wanna know, you'll hafta find out for yourself. *smile* I love writing too! I write poetry, short stories, songs...the people and teachers who've read my songs want me to get a collaborator to write the music...but I wanna learn how to play the music myself. I love hangin' out with friends, goin' to the mall, shoppin', swimming, goin' to the movies...hehehe Uh...OH YEAH! Chatting! I love chatting in my fav chat room! *at the bottom in da links* I can be found in Personal Chat or Teen Chat 2. Please sign my book at the bottom and let me know whatcha think. I'd appreciate it. *smile* Thanks for your time...*lotsa love*


She wanted to have
The kind of relationship that lasts
She didn't want it to go by
Too fast
She needed the love he wouldn't give
She tried so hard
But he
Wouldn't let down his guard

He never held her too much
Never kissed or touched
Only did enough
For himself
Didn't pay attention 
To what really mattered
Now he's lost her
To her darkened soul

If only he would have listened 
All the times she cried out
Maybe he'd stop and think
Instead of shout
If only he would have heard
All the words she tried to say
Maybe she wouldn't have turned
And gone the other way

If he ever did love her
He never let her know
All she wanted was a little love
But now she's got to let him go

All she wanted was to be 
Daddy's little girl
She tried so hard to make him see
But he must not have cared enough

She wanted so much to be 
Daddy's little girl
Why didn't he care enough?
Was she asking too much?
She wanted to be
Daddy's girl
Daddy's girl


My Complete List Of Links! hehehehe

My Page Dedicated to Tim McGraw
Complete Tim McGraw...has me! hehehe
My Concert Pictures
Pictures I took at the first Tim McGraw concert I went to! The best pics too...they're very close up...check 'em out!
This is da bomb page my one of my best friends and one of the first people I met on the net! You gotta check it out! He's a sweetie! *hugs*
Dave's Space of the Web
hehehe This page is shweet! *mocking South Park* (dat's our show! hehehe) This page is one of my best bud's in real life...BOB! hehehe Check it out-it rulez! *hugs*
Fuzzy's Homepage
It's my buddies page! I've known him for hella long time...well...a while! *hugs* It's really cool, got some pics too...hehehe
Da bomb place to chat! Always have lotsa fun and there is always someone who cares! :)~
The Completely Unofficial Leonardo DiCaprio Homepage
Best place to go to find about that hot Romeo!
Astrology Online
If you're an astrology freak like me, find everything you wanna know about yourself here! :)~
Info on Tim McGraw...official page.
The Official Matchbox 20 Web Site
I LOVE this band! They SO rule! Da bomb site!
Kid Rock - Pimp of the Nation
MAAAAAD rapper! :)~ Love Kid Rock! Cool page!
SBJ's Bush Page
I LOVE BUSH! Cool page! Lotsa info!
Paul's BFF Homepage
Nice Ben Fold's Five page!
Third Eye Blind
This group's pretty is definately worth a look! :)~
Everlast's Solo Page
Everlast is another great rapper. Album is definately not what you would expect, but extremely good. Great page!
Tribute to Live
LIVE! Live is another one of my fav bands and this site tells all about 'em!
Official No Doubt Homepage
Gotta love No doubt!
Will Smith
Gotta love Will!
Official Creed Homepage
Creed's another great band with "real-life" lyrics... :)~
Official N'Sync Homepage
'Nuff said! :)~
The Sublime Spot
Sublime lyrics! hehehehe (*singing* Caress me down...check out those lyrics! *LMBO*)
BodyRott's Domain - Eminem
Eminem is craaaazy! But he has real talent and is extremely hot! :)~
AbouT a NiRvAnA PagE
I've liked Nirvana for a while. Too bad it all had to end. I love the rough voice...check out this page for all info, including the suicide note.
My favorite song right now is, in fact, "Blue Mondy". The voices are smooth, the music speaks for itself, and the lyrics are lifelike.

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